Freeman Victorius: A UVa Corner Tradition
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Freeman Victorius: A UVa Corner Tradition

Freeman Victorius storefrontEstablished in London, England in the 1920s by Paul Victorius, who moved the business to Charlottesville, Virginia in 1938 where it has offered the finest in custom framing, prints, antiques, vintage and antique maps, rare prints of the University of Virginia and Thomas Jefferson, and the largest collection of University of Virginia views.

Freeman-Victorius offers the height in quality framing and a satisfaction guarantee.

Now you can buy a UVA Corner Tradition… The Freeman-Victorius Framing Shop. The sale includes:

(1). The Freeman Victorius brand, which is recognized throughout Virginia and worldwide for its history of quality.

Freeman Victorius storefront(2). Freeman Victoius has a long-standing tradition of framing excellence going back more than 50 years to when the shop was opened by Paul Victorius.

(3). The Freeman Victorius client list, which has been cultivated over decades of service to the University of Virginia, Charlottesville and surrounding community.

(4). All equipment and inventory related to the framing business conveys.

Find more information about this UVa Corner property at the Freeman Victorius website. Here you can watch a video tour and view the photo album. To schedule a showing visit the listing, call us or send us an email.

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